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Scald Burn

After this activity, the team will be able to resuscitate a pediatric patient with emphasis on the following objectives:


1. Apply Crisis Resource Management and teamwork in a pediatric resuscitation (with attention to role designation, directed orders, sharing mental model and closed loop communication with team and family members).


2. Prioritize treatment of potential etiologies to guide stabilization or escalation of care for a pediatric patient.


3. Determine the appropriate destination for transfer.

1. Case Content

Download the case booklet and review prior to the session. 

Includes the case progression, educational content,

and many other resources to help you facilitate the simulation. 

2. Video


You can either use the YouTube Video or the Interactive Vimeo Video. 

The video includes frames of an animated patient next to a monitor with vital signs that change based on the patient's clinical condition. There is also a prerecorded, narrated prebrief, dispatch, and debrief that you can use to help faciliatate the simulation. 

Animation used with permission from OPENPediatrics. 

Standard Video

SimBox+ and TeleSimBox: ED and EMS Pediatric Burn

SimBox+ and TeleSimBox: ED and EMS Pediatric Burn

Play Video

View on YouTube:

Based on the participants' actions, hover over the video progress bar and quickly navigate to different parts of the video. You can also pause and restart the video as indicated.

3. Surveys

Please complete the facilitator and participant surveys at the end of the session to help us improve SimBox.

Pediatric Burn Case-Specific Facilitator Survey QR Code.jpg


Posted: December 2023

Authors: Sofia Athanasopoulou, Maybelle Kou, Erin Montgomery, Sakina Reames, Shalmali Satpute, Marc Auerbach, Elizabeth Sanseau, Ada Earp

Disclaimer: The booklet and video were created as educational and research resources and not to guide clinical practice. Please reach out to our team with any questions or if you want to contribute. 

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